Welcome to Sports Principles.


In truth, there is no such thing as ‘Sports Psychology’.

There are psychological principles which explain the way all human beings think, feel and behave.

Many of these human beings play, coach or watch sports.

Whatever you do in your life, you can’t escape the implications of how your mind works.

Learning about these principles has the potential to not just raise performance, but to improve mental health and psychological well being in everything you do.

Our aim is to share these principles with athletes, players, coaches and supporters, to help them perform to their potential and enjoy their participation, both on and off the field.

Most sportsmen and women have a sense that there is a connection between the way they think and feel in the playing arena and the way they perform. 

Very few understand how that relationship really works.

Our objective is to change that.

We want to cut through the myths and misunderstandings which have become accepted in the advice given to athletes, players and coaches and get back to principles.

Once you understand the principles which underpin performance, enjoyment and learning, you can understand everything that happens in and around whatever game you play, coach or watch.