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Teams and players perform to their potential when they are enjoying the game. When they feel free to express themselves, feel empowered, feel connected to their team mates, coaches, supporters and the game itself.

Players who are overly focused on outcomes and results feel anxious, insecure, are less resilient, and less consistent. 

The strongly held belief that well-being is dependent on situations, circumstances and environment takes us out of the moment, which further suppresses performance and enjoyment. 

Coaches and players who love what they do are committed and passionate without feeling like they are stressed or overworking. 

They know that their well-being and value is not attached to or defined by results, titles, and other people’s opinions.

This essential fact is easily overlooked. Doing so leads to feelings of lack, stress, and insecurity. 

We have developed a number of programs which point players, coaches, and teachers to an understanding that allows them to see that they always have what it takes, even when times seem tough.

 This understanding allows them to see through the conceptual barriers that may be getting in the way and to realise their innate well-being and potential. 

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For Coaches and Leaders

To be a great coach, you need to understand two things. You need to know the game, and you need to understand people.

For Players and Athletes

Understand the simple principles which lie behind your best, most enjoyable, most consistent performances

For Schools and Teachers

Learn more about the principles which lie behind team spirit, strong relationships, powerful insights and effortless learning


“There is so much emphasis these days on tactics and strategy. It’s easy to forget sometimes that players are human beings”

Russell Earnshaw – Rugby Coach and Founder of The Magic Academy