Who are we?

We are an association of professional athletes, coaches and sports psychologists dedicated to sharing a different understanding about sport and life.


What do we do? What problems can we help with?


Our primary goal is to help athletes, coaches, parents and spectators understand and enhance their experience of the games they play and watch.


We can help you understand what has happened if you aren’t enjoying your sport any more.

If you are lacking motivation, confidence or focus, we can help you explore the reasons why.


How do we do it?


We use well established philosophical principles to explore the concepts, theories and beliefs which coaches and athletes have about themselves, about their sport and about life.


Using common sense, logic and reason, we uncover the hidden psychological barriers which can inhibit your enjoyment of the game you love and prevent you from reaching your potential.

01. coaching

The role of a coach is simple.

To point towards what is true.

Therefore it makes sense that the first thing a coach should learn is the essential nature of the human experience – who you really are.

If you don’t understand this, how do you know what you are pointing to when you work with your players?

02. Counselling

It is often said that the key to long term happiness and success is uncovering who you really are.

The starting point to finding out who you really are is actually just a matter of realising who you really aren’t.

How do you define yourself? What story are you trying to live up to?

03. mentoring

The moment you believe that who you really are can be augmented or diminished by the achievement or non achievement of a goal, you have lost sight of the truth.

Are you struggling with anxious or insecure feelings?

Have you stopped enjoying a sport you used to love?

If so, you have probably fallen for life’s oldest illusion.


It Might not appear that way, but

There Is Only One Problem

It might surprise you to learn that when a coach, athlete, player or team is struggling, the problem is always to be found in the same misunderstanding about how sport and life really work.

Our coaching, mentoring and counselling services are designed to shine a light on that misunderstanding, helping you to reach your potential.

One message

Different Voices

Sam Jarman

PGA Golf Professional, Coach & Author

Grayson Hart

Professional Rugby Player & Coach

Bedford Blues RFC

Adam Ashe

Professional Rugby Player & Coach.

Los Angeles Giltinis RFC

Rich Hudson

Sports Psychologist, Coach, Author.

Buckinghamshire County Cricket

Dr. Lee Adair Stantiall

Clinical Psychologist, Coach, Runner.

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