How Are Principles Different From

‘Sports Psychology’?

Understanding what is universal about the mental functioning of all human beings is more beneficial than what has become known as ‘sports psychology’. 


Because our best performances and most enjoyable sporting experiences occur from a state of little or no thought.

‘The Zone’ as it is sometimes called. 

A ‘sports psychology’ intervention will usually involve attempting to use a technique or strategy to manage or control thoughts or encourage a particular state of mind. 

This might have an effect in the short term, but it soon wears off.

In order to try to control their thinking, an athlete has to think more.

This takes them further away from the place where high performance originates, rather than closer to it.

When an athlete understands the principles behind how their mind really works, attempting to cope with their thinking or manage their feeling state just doesn’t make sense.

They know that they can perform to their potential regardless of their thinking or their state of mind.

They know better than to try to fix or manage something which will self-correct back to clarity.

By not ‘sticking their fingers in the machinery’ of their own mental processes, thinking subsides and their true potential emerges.

Understanding the principles of how our minds really work is the true source of resilience and mental strength – not routines, mantras, reframing or ‘positive thinking’.

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