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Playing the Game

For too long, well-being and performance in sport have been regarded as two different problems. 

Everyone loves winning, but the prevailing ‘no pain, no gain’ culture can have some unwanted side effects.

Helping Athletes and Players Realise Their Potential

An increased awareness of mental health and well-being, both in sports and amongst the wider population is welcome.

But this needs to be matched with improvements in the interventions available to athletes who are struggling.

Over the past 40 years much has been written and spoken about the mental side of sport.

As we approach the limits of what the human body can achieve, more and more attention is being focused on the mind.

Most athletes and players have a sense that the way they think and feel in the playing arena can have an impact on the way they perform. Unfortunately few truly understand the way the human mind really works.

Sports psychology has focused primarily on coping strategies and techniques to control thought and feeling.

This is both unnecessary and unhelpful.

When athletes are playing at the edge of their potential, they are letting go, not holding back.

They feel free, not under control. They are expressing happiness, not searching for it.

We offer a range of programs to help athletes understand their true nature. To help them play their best when they really want to, and to rediscover their love of the game.

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For Your Current Career, and the Next One

Current players

For many players, there seems to be an ongoing conflict at the heart of their sport. They want to play their best and realise their potential, but they also want to enjoy the game they fell in love with as a youngster. 

It often appears that these two ambitions are mutually exclusive. That the rewards for all the hard work and sacrifice come with results, from achieving goals or outcomes.

But is this true?

Why can’t you have both?

We know that you can.

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For most athletes, playing the game they love will be the shorter of their two careers.

Consideration of what happens afterwards can be the source of some worry and anxiety.

These feelings can sometimes affect performance and cause stress in relationships.

We offer a unique service to help athletes understand and manage the transition from professional sport into whatever you decide to do next.

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Too many players are struggling with the ‘no pain, no gain’ culture which is prevalent in may sports. 

I’m living proof that you can play at a high level and still enjoy the game as much you did when you were a kid. 

Adam Ashe. Professional Rugby Player. Los Angeles Giltinis and Scotland.

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