Principles for Parents


Parenting a young, aspiring athlete can be an amazing and rewarding experience.

Watching them develop their talent and love for the game more than makes up for the long hours standing on the touchline and the car journeys to and from training.

¬†That isn’t to say that being a sporting parent isn’t without it’s challenges.

The long trip home after a defeat or a poor performance is often a test.

Overcoming the disappointment of someone you care about being overlooked for selection can be harder than dealing with it for yourself.

Many parents describe themselves as ‘being on an emotional rollercoaster’ when watching their child play an important match.

It’s hard sometimes not to let the nerves or frustration show up in ways you might prefer they didn’t.

Watching a game can be a more relaxing and enjoyable experience if you understand where those thoughts and feelings are coming from. 

Understanding the principles behind the way we think and feel is a helpful asset in guiding your child along the path they have chosen.

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