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Understanding the true nature of experience can be a game changer for young people.

And for the teachers, coaches and staff who work with them.


Helping Young People Realise Their Innate Wellbeing and Resilience

Recently there has been an increase in awareness about mental health and wellbeing, both in sports and amongst the wider population.

While this is welcome, increased awareness does not mean that overall levels of mental health are improving. Indeed it could be said that the opposite is true.

In many ways this is a self fulfilling prophecy. If people feel more able to talk about ‘not feeling OK’, then the statistics indicating a decline in well-being are bound to rise.

Unfortunately, the growing willingness of young people to speak up has not been matched by a growth in effective interventions and advice.

Our programs for schools point to the source of a misunderstanding about where mental health and well-being really come from.

Most people live with the belief that their feelings arise from and are affected by the situations and circumstances of their lives.

For example, we are often told that:

Stress and pressure come from exams or a big game.

Self esteem and confidence come from success and achievements.

Happiness comes from finding a fulfilling role or having meaningful relationships.

Unfortunately none of these things are true. They are symptoms of something much deeper.

These misplaced beliefs are the cause of much of the anxiety, frustration, unfulfilled expectations and mental ill health which many people are suffering with from day to day.

We offer simple everyday examples of how and why these beliefs come to be part of our lives. We point to situations and circumstances which all young people have encountered where these beliefs were not borne out in their direct experience.

In doing so we encourage them to question these beliefs and come up with fresh insights and new thinking which can release stress and pressure, reduce insecurity and build resilience for the future.

We offer stories and insights from many years playing and coaching in professional sport to shine a light on the one key misunderstanding at the heart of all these beliefs.

In doing so we can offer young people and teachers a simpler, more coherent and functional approach to living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Helping Teachers and Parents

For teachers

Being a teacher in the current education system is a big enough challenge for anyone. It can feel like the pressure is coming from all sides. From management, governors, parents, exam results, work life balance, the list goes on.

So why do you cope better on some days than others? And why do some teachers rise to the challenge, while others struggle ?

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For Parents

It can be hard being a parent. Often the best you can do is to understand. While it is sometimes difficult to appreciate what a young person might be going through or dealing with, understanding how that experience comes about is simpler than most people believe.

From a position of understanding, it is much easier to offer love, support and clarity, rather than getting drawn into the emotion of the problem as it is so easy to do.

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Sam has delivered innate health and wellbeing sessions to pupils and parents at our school. The feedback has been extremely positive.

He is incredibly knowledgeable in his field and talks with a passion and insight that engages the audience. The content of his work is powerful and given the time, potentially life changing to many.

Deputy Headmaster, Gayhurst School, Buckinghamshire.

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