The Game of Life.

 Article by Grayson Hart –

 Sport is a great analogy for this illusion we call life.

We strive and compete for an outcome. We get fully immersed in the process.

We love it. We hate it.

We become overjoyed and depressed.

But when all is said and done, we know in our heart it was just a game.

A pastime that someone made up long ago as an expression of freedom and enjoyment.

There is an intuition in every one of us.

A yearning to remember that we are far more than we appear to be.

More than a body and mind that needs to reach certain outcomes to be OK and good enough.

We wake up and see that all of life is a divine game and we’re the ones allowing it to play out.

The source of who we are is constant.  Untouched by all that plays out in the game. It is always complete.

So play all out with the knowing that nothing can ever define you.

That’s freedom.

That’s who we really are.

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